WARNING: This PEAR channel is not supported anymore.
New versions are only available through Composer.

Swift Mailer PEAR channel

Registering the channel:
pear channel-discover pear.swiftmailer.org
Listing available packages:
pear remote-list -c swift
Installing a package:
pear install swift/package_name
Installing a specific version/stability:
pear install swift/package_name-1.0.0
pear install swift/package_name-beta
Receiving updates via a feed:

Swift - Free Feature-rich PHP Mailer.

Swift Mailer integrates into any web app written in PHP 5, offering a flexible and elegant object-oriented approach to sending emails with a multitude of features.

Install commandpear install swift/Swift
MaintainersFabien Potencier (as lead), Chris Corbyn (as lead)
Releases5.1.0 (stable), 5.0.3 (stable), 5.0.2 (stable), 5.0.1 (stable), 5.0.0 (stable), 4.3.1 (stable), 4.3.0 (stable), 4.2.2 (stable), 4.2.1 (stable), 4.2.0 (stable), 4.1.8 (stable), 4.1.7 (stable), 4.1.6 (stable), 4.1.5 (stable), 4.1.4 (stable), 4.1.3 (stable), 4.1.2 (stable), 4.1.1 (stable), 4.1.0 (stable), 4.1.0RC1 (beta), 4.0.7 (stable), 4.0.6 (stable), 4.0.5 (stable)

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